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Plasma Cutting

Arktek Industries specialise in CNC plasma cutting in Perth, WA. Using precision design
technology & the latest heavy-duty industrial machinery, we can supply and plasma cut a wide range of materials including Mild steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel.

CNC Plasma cutting is a fabrication process that uses a plasma stream to cut through the metal by cutting and blowing away the molten metal. The Plasma is formed by forcing gas (Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen or air) through the plasma torch and using an electric current, which pushes sufficient energy into the gas flow, ionizing it and turning it into the plasma arc.

CNC plasma cutting is an efficient and accurate form of cutting flat parts which are then fabricated into a finished product or part.

Our design technology allows us to program, scale & cut any conceptual design, or precisely cut your pre-drafted drawing, pattern or part.

With the latest heavy-duty industrial machinery using only Hypertherm plasma sources and industry-leading knowledge combined with a wide range of services, Arktek Industries offers a complete end to end fabrication service, we easily adapt to the needs of any project and work closely with our clients to produce end-products based on our client’s exact specifications.

Our commitment to your project will ensure you get only the best results possible.

Arktek Industries Industrial Machinery offers:

Superior Plasma cut quality and consistency

Patented system technologies deliver more consistent cut quality over other systems available on the market.

Maximised Productivity 

Combining fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high reliability.

Auto Height Lifting Head

The automatic height lifting plasma cutting head, to follow sheet movements & optimise cut quality.


What Is CNC Plasma Cutting?

Looking for the most reliable CNC plasma cutting solution? Then look no further than Arktek Industries.

We specialise in CNC plasma cutting in Perth, WA. Our services cover CNC plasma cutting from concept to delivery, using precision design technology and the latest
heavy-duty industrial machinery. Whatever metal fabrication requirements you may have, we will be able to deliver a reliable, and high-quality solution.

We offer plasma cutting to help all kinds of businesses and industries including, Mining, Agricultural, Civil, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Landscape Construction & Residential.

CNC plasma cutting is a specialised process of cutting metals. The metal is cut with a plasma torch that is controlled by a computer. The plasma cutting machine guides the torch over a cutting table allowing you to achieve accurate cuts.

You can perform CNC plasma cutting on a range of different metals. The process cuts the metal cleanly, creating smooth lines and edges allowing metal fabricators to achieve the exact designs and curves that they require.

Our high tech CNC plasma cutting design programs allows us to load our design directly from the computer to the CNC plasma cutter, this allows the machine to cut exactly to scale and perfectly fit the brief.

Plasma cutting machines come in a range of different sizes and strengths. At Arktek Industries, our CNC plasma cutting machines use state of the art design technology to easily adapt to the needs of any project. We can make & create parts, custom features, and much more!

What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

A plasma cutting torch is a convenient tool for slicing through different metals. These torches can be handheld, which offers quick and easy access to cut through various metal components. However, handheld plasma cutters are not completely accurate.

The solution to this is a CNC plasma cutter, which uses a cutting table and a computerised system. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Basically, this means that computer software guides the plasma cutter controlling its movements. Numerical codes direct the plasma torch, which follows a completely accurate and efficient path. This makes it easy to achieve perfect results with any metal cutting job.

Handheld vs CNC Plasma Cutters

When comparing handheld and CNC plasma cutters, the plasma system follows a
different design. The nozzle on CNC plasma cutters uses a straighter barrelled design, which better accommodates mechanized cutting. This nozzle, or cutting head, includes an interface that allows these machines to be automatically controlled by CNC systems.

Its important when choosing a supplier to ensure they are set up correctly & offer the right technical knowledge and tools for CNC plasma cutting. At Arktek, we use state of the art machinery and our team is kept up to date on the latest CNC plasma cutting industry knowledge. We offer reliable plasma cutting services in Western Australia and supply perfectly cut metal parts & components to all business’s across Australia.

The CNC Plasma Cutting Process In Detail

The plasma torches, controlled by computers, are placed over cutting tables. These torches use a special nozzle to cut the metal. This nozzle works by either forcing gas or compressed air through its tip. When the compressed air or gas is being sent through, an electric arc is introduced, this creates plasma or ionized gas which cleanly cuts the metal.

The nozzle moves over a CNC plasma table. These tables vary in size and are able to accommodate sheets of metal that match their sizes.

When using a CNC plasma cutter, you can either use compressed air or gas. This depends on the type of metal that you want to cut. Different metals respond in various ways to different types of plasma or ionized gas.

The main benefit of using this process is that it is incredibly accurate and fast. Compared to manual metal fabrication processes, plasma cutting allows you to achieve perfectly cut metal without compromising the integrity of the metal.

CNC cutting is an innovative solution to creating complex and highly specific parts.

At Arktek Industries, our experienced team allows the businesses that work with us to push the boundaries of innovation and enhance their products creating highly accurate components specifically made for their project using CNC Plasma Cutting & Design.


While plasma cutting offers an ideal solution to many metal fabrication needs, there are a few important design considerations to make. Here are a few things to keep in mind before starting your next project:

When making holes, the diameter of the hole should be equal to the thickness of the material being cut or larger.

Although not essential, it’s best to avoid very tight tolerances wherever possible.

It’s easiest to cut edges over metal with flat profiles, as this offers a faster and more accurate plasma cutting solution.

Reputable CNC Plasma Cutting Services With Arktek Industries

Whether you need to cut metals for a large-scale industrial application, or just for a hobby, we’ve got the equipment to help you complete your project.

At Arktek, we use only the highest-quality plasma machines to ensure the best possible outcome for any project. Our plasma cutter services offer the best possible technical support and machine tools to match the requirements of any project. We use Hypertherm plasma sources for best results.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to design any kind of parts and custom features for all types of businesses and industries in Western Australia.

Beyond our high-speed plasma cutters, we also offer complete metal fabrication and welding services. This allows us to take a sheet of metal and turn it into anything that your project requires. There are no limitations! Access a wide variety of metal solutions for any type of business in Australia.

Our path-directed plasma machines allows us to design and engineer projects from the concept stage to the final delivery, using only precision plasma technology.

Our CNC plasma cutter services can cover once-off custom jobs or large-scale ongoing contracts. We can also service individual parts to match your exact requirements.

With the best equipment and industry-leading knowledge, there’s no reason to look
towards any other manufacturers for your metal needs. The wide range of solutions that we offer, combined with the high-quality machinery and software, make us your go-to solution for all of your CNC Plasma Cutter needs.

High-Quality Metal Parts For Any Type Of Project

Whatever type of custom designs or parts you need to make, CNC cutting is one of the best solutions. A plasma cutting machine can be easily loaded with complicated design specifications for any project.

Unlike hand cutting, there is no risk of uneven edges, or two parts not matching up. Instead, plasma cutting offers complete accuracy and consistency with every job.

You can transform simple metal sheets into any shape with CNC plasma cutting. Not only is this an efficient way to control metal cutting, but it also results in high-quality finished products. The structural integrity of the metal is never compromised, and the cuts are always clean and even. This is important for any type of manufacturer in any kind of industry who needs to make high-quality parts.

Plasma cutters also work at high speed. You can make perfect spare parts in minutes, and the machinery can cut through tough steel in a swift and effortless motion. This makes industrial projects easier to achieve, which allows manufacturers to create better quality parts in less time.

Working with Arktek Industries allows any kind of business to innovate and improve its offering.

At Arktek Industries, we bring your projects to life with premium industrial systems, large-scale plasma cutters, and expert knowledge. We can help you create designs for your metal parts and can using our plasma cutting machinery we can turn your concept into a quality finished product.

Get In Touch For Reliable CNC Plasma Cutting That Suits Your Budget

We offer reliable metal cutting services to all kinds of clients in all kinds of industries. No matter what the size or scale of your project is, we are here to help with all your metal fabrication and cutting needs.

At Arktek Industries, we help clients with all kinds of budgets to produce high-quality metal products. Using industrial machinery, high tech computer software, and the expert knowledge needed to turn your concept into a finished metal part.

At Arktek you will be working with a company that values integrity, trust, innovation, and quality workmanship to create your next project or metal parts. Get in touch with us today, Our commitment to your project will ensure you get only the best metal parts cut for your needs.


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